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Beer from Urine!


The use of biofertilizers as an enrichment for agricultural crops has been taking force, and soon it may become one of the best alternatives to reduce the use of big amount of synthetic chemicals that contribute to the contamination of soil and water. On the other hand, the production of pure water for drinking purposes has become an important issue for many reasons, including contamination and scarcity (among others). For this reason, the seeking of more environmentally friendly alternatives become essential and important.

Many of you may be thinking that urine is just a waste from which only a bad odour can be attributed. Well, besides this, it can be used to obtain fertilizes and pure water through filtering processes. This have been proven by Ghent University, whom is working in a project that is intended to bring use of this waste, producing bio-products such as natural fertilizers and beer (Yes, you read that right, beer!); a product made from the filtered water, which was used during the so-called “Gentse Feesten” (Ghent Festival of Flanders). 
These “green” alternatives are essential for building a better sustainable society.
The next video shows the report from Koen Wauters and maybe after seeing that yo can decide if you will give it a try.

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