Green Energy

Osmosis, the hidden source of power!


Currently, the use of cleaner and better technologies that can satisfy the need of the fast-growing population is a need. Most of the developed countries have designed and applied these technologies and have delay or at least maintain the levels of pollution, scarcity, degradation of the environment, among others.
The good point of these is that people is getting aware of the environmental issues coming from the actual lifestyle and are contributing to make a change of it. By changing our behaviour and/or by taking action into the development and design of greener systems we are providing our grain sand to the improvement of the quality of life.
To change the world there is not need of big or difficult ideas, most of the times small, simple or even past ideas can change the world and when they come along with commitment the better the result. Among the scientific society, researchers from the EPFL’s Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology have proposed and apply the principle of osmosis to generate power. They used fresh water, seawater and a new type of membrane just 3 atoms thick and obtain good results but they clarify that there is a need of further investigation (see source for the details).

According to these scientists there is a potential of using the membranes in places such as estuaries (where rivers flow into the sea) obtaining or generating energy just about any time of day or night. Some other factor such as species fragmentation and some other environmental factors have not been discussed yet.

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