Eisegesis #1

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Many of our daily activities have an impact on the environment. The kind of the impact, its magnitude and intensity depends on how frequent it happens. The truth is that each day more resources are consumed and more ecosystems are damaged owing to it.

Most of the impacts are caused by cultural habits, beliefs or traditions, specially in developing countries where these elements are very rooted in the society and the lack of education and information about the importance of the environmental resources prevails. Eastern cultures have also their local environmental problems and have contributed together with the enhancement of global issues such as the production of green house gases.
The key point in making the difference is to rise our voice and work together for the same aim, which should be the maintenance of equability and quality of life for the actual generation, and the development of a better place for the future ones by creating efficient alternatives that can supply goods for humanity without comprising the integrity of our home, the earth.  

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