Earth and Climate

Scientists decoded a way to better monitor the climate change!

It is well known that climate change is a global issue that is bringing difficulties for many ecosystems especially those who live and depend on microclimates to live, since a change in 1 or 2ºC could be catastrophic for its living species. This meteorological phenomenon has increased in the last 50 years but it is not until today that scientist could make a distinction between the warming caused by anthropogenic activities and the natural variability.
Some scientist from the Institution of Oceanography at the University of California in San Diego, created a new method by which they were able to measure and oversee the pace of anthropogenic global warming separately from the natural variation, an average and normal event. The accuracy of the method was also proven by comparing raw data from a period of 4 years (2010-2014) and with the natural variability effect correction more real and clear data was found.

This investigation is the first of its kind and give a more accurate information of the negative impact from the different anthropogenic activities, and may served as a stimulation for further research focused on the agreement achieved during the Conference of the Parties known as as COP21 held in Paris last in 2015.


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