Green Energy

An Australian company creates a clean and cheap way of creating hydrogen

An Australian company is using iron ore to convert methane (the most harmful green gas) into hydrogen. The process consists in passing the gas through the catalyst (the iron ore) where it breaks down into its constituent element (hydrogen and carbon). The carbon dioxide will be captured in the form of solid graphite, then the emissions of this greenhouse gas are diminished, while some additional income to the company can be obtained by selling the graphite to other companies and contributing with the establishment of the so-called eco-industrial parks, a sustainable way of dealing with chemical manufacturing.
This process network arises as a good alternative to protect the environment since the product (hydrogen) has not a C02 footprint and its combustion (to generate heat) and/or its use as fuel has not further environmental impacts (or at least not yet discovered) but it also generates economical benefits, specially when its market is worth around US$13bn annually.

A good question will be how they will handle the production of the enormous amount of by-product (graphite) in the worst case scenario when none industry needs it, and also how will be the abiotic depletion potential (ADP); based on the extraction-to-reserve ratios, to ensure that there will be no impact or problem when using it as catalyst. 


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