Eisegesis #2

© desktopnexus.com
Waking up every day in front of a small forest, while breathing fresh air and drinking a cup of coffee has no price. Being able to open the windows and see a collage of green and blue colours in the horizon is one the most beautiful things one can sees. For a moment I started thinking about how lucky I am to still be able to get up out of bed with birdsongs and the tacit sound of running water and falling leaves. 

However, something ails me and it is precisely the possibility to wake up one day and realise that the picture is not the same and maybe situations such as the one happening in China where pollution blocks the shining of the sun and people have to see it through screens, may also happen here; I cannot imagine such scenario neither in the consequences from it. 

Pollution is a big problem, it needs a lot of work and commitment not only from the big companies but also from the citizens who are responsible of turning small actions into major changes for the future generations. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and take action?.

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