India smashed a World Record in the race for sustainability

© globalreforestationfoundation
Every day we found a variety of news, however not all are positive. Some of them are dedicated to social, economic or political problems. Despite this, good environmental news come from India where a few days ago about 800,000 volunteers performed a mass planting of 8 different tree species in diverse areas (roads, railways, and on public land). The total number of trees saplings planted was 49.3 million, resulting in the setting of a new Guinness World Record as the nation that has planted more trees in one day.
It is not merely to plant trees, a comprehensive plan of care and nurturing is essential during their growth in order to reduce the death rate; expected to be greater than 40% when this exuberant amount of trees are planted. Carrying out this activity, obviously will take a lot of work from the commissioners who will take aerial photos as a first step to localize those areas that need special attention.
Actions like this, show that more people are realizing that small efforts may have a great impact and will help us to mitigate some of the negative impacts such as the effects of green house gases in global climate change coming from our daily activities. Thanks to what was done in Allahabad (India), the quality of life in this part of the world will be improved and I hope that many other countries will follow their sustainable initiatives to change the world.

Please read the complete article for more information.


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