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Rearing as a manner of hope for Dory!

Banned activities such as illegal trafficking of species has a negative impact on the distribution and on the heterogeneity of the species. On one hand, the over-exploitation of a species brings the individuals to a risk of extinction, while on the other hand, the poaching with unconventional or not environmentally friendly methods, causes significant harm to the surrounding biota.
During the last decades the trade of exotic species has increased thanks to the inclusion of these individuals in film productions. This is the case of clownfish and possibly that of blue tangs (or dory after the release of the movie last month. Because of this, some scientists are working on the nurturing and breeding of those species (including more) regardless some difficulties such as the small size of the eggs, their susceptibility and high mortality rate.
The conservation of such species is a key point if the integrity of the populations and communities want to be maintained. The great initiative of the University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab, together with Rising Tide Conservation, makes a difference and should resonate into the scientific community to take it as an example, and through the whole society to make them understand the real value of species and recognize that the best place for these individuals to be is out there in the wild, and not in captivity.
Please watch the video and read the complete article for more information.



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