Eisegesis #3

© desktopnexus.com
Have you ever wonder how many species there are in the world? and have you ever thought in the possibility of the determination of new ones? well if your guess is in the range of 2 million you are right. Currently, there are approximately 1,5 to 2 million of species, that is the amount of species scientists referred as discovered.
Here there are two things that are half true. First of all, since earth creation millions of years ago, many changes have occurred and some species became extinct but others may have had the opportunity to survive, flourish and settle in places where we have not yet “discovered” or simply they cannot be reached (some parts of the sea). The second element is the connotation that has been given to the word discover. From my perspective species cannot be discovered, since they have been there for more time than ours, they are meant to be identified and classified according to their similarities with other species.

In this game of words, the only truth is that our planet is the most beautiful gem that surprises every day with its magnificence and majesty. It is our duty to make it the best place to live, and remember, it is the only place where you can find chocolate!

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