Green Energy

First solar plane to complete a round world trip

Maybe many of you have already seen the successful landing in Abu Dhabi of the first Zero-fuel plane powered only by the biggest renewable energy source, the sun. The tour included a journey of 35,000 Km, starting from March 9 and ending 23 days later in the same place where it started.
The trip became the first of its kind, and although there is lots of work to be done and many things to be improved, it is not just a first in the history of aviation, but also a first in the history of energy”, as cockpit Piccard said. The new challenge now is to create a new prototype for commercial flights and find the best cost-benefit relation to convince the different airlines to begin its use.
Renewable energy is very costly and its results may become tangible in 10 or more years, but it is worth to invest in such type of technologies, bearing in mind that non-renewable sources (such as fossil fuels) are declining and soon there will not be enough reserves to stand our daily needs. 


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