Green Energy

Personal portable device that generates eolic energy

There is a company in Argentina named Semtive that is working on the production and distribution of a device that can generate clean energy at low cost. Its name is nemoi and is based on the principles from Eolic energy. It is aesthetically pleasing portable device that generates wind energy by using a vertical axis, this feature makes it to turn with very mild breezes and work within a wide range of wind speeds.
These devices can be recycled (up to 95%) because they are built in aluminum coated with powder paint free of solvents. Because of its design, it is easy to install and maintain, and thanks to the materials used in its construction it has high durability even under environmental conditions.
It appears to be a green option to use in rural and/or urban areas as support systems in cases when there is an electrical network failure and also as power generators for those devices used in open areas and access roads. These types of technology not only make our lives easier but contributes to the improving of the current environmental situation.

Please read the complete article for more information.

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