Earth and Climate

New perspectives for climate models

Some days ago, I posted a blog about the scientific progress in the estimation of climate change caused by anthropogenic activities  by removing the noise caused by natural processes.
Today I celebrate the advances made in this matter as more accurate models and better estrategies are being developed to monitor the rate of earth warming. A new study performed by Kevin Trenberth and some collaborators showed that from 1992 to 2005 the models have been within 3% of the measurements, that is maybe a small number but it is the first and the strongest vindication of the models ever found. 
These Scientists also conducted some new estimates of ocean heating throughout its full depth (never done before) used a new technique to learn about ocean temperature changes in areas where there are very few measurements. 
These progress is very important as more and more studies of this type will be done and the obtained data will give a better perspective and understanding of the actual planet warming. We also have to bear in mind, as the authors suggest, that by having data from different studies, the realiability of the mathematical models will increase

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