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Another clue in the race for saving bees

Some posts ago I came up with a study done by some scientists from the Lublin’s Maria Curie-Sklodowska University who found a fungus as a principal cause for the short lifespan of bee populations (go to the post if you want more information). Today I present another study that has given more information of other possible causes for the certain disappearance of bees around the world.
Some scientist from different institutes and universities around Europe, have worked in the seeking of such phenomenon. They found that male honey bees (also called drones) can be affected by the use of some herbicides from the neonicotinoid family (thiamethoxam, clothianidin, and imidacloprid) reducing not only the lifespan of the male honey bee but also affecting the number of living sperm.
Bees are essential for agricultural purposes, since they actively participate in the pollination process, besides they give us honey, what makes our lives sweeter. There is a long way in studying such important population, but the results from this research help in the construction of a better and stronger risks assessment plans.  

Please read the complete article for more information.

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