New studies help to improve fertilizers applications

Good news came from the University of Illinois. Some Engineers developed a model that is capable to calculate the age of nitrogen in two agricultural fields of corn and soybean. This investigation is a great advance in crop production since it can give information of the precise amount of nitrogen that the plants need to uptake and those areas there there is lack of such essential element to plant nutrition.
It also brings positive benefits for the environment because with this mathematical model one can calculated the precise amount of nitrogen needed for high productivity efficiency, then negative impacts such as eutrophication due to the leaching of the overdosing of high nitrogen concentrations would be reduced.   
From both perspectives, this research appears to be a key element in the building of a sustainable society in which social equity and environmental care prevail. The promoting, development and implementation of these green alternatives is a must in our era since the demanding of goods in a growing population is increasing day by day.

Please read the complete article for more information.

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