Green Energy

Can water enhances the efficiency of solar cells?

Researchers from the Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit (EMSS) at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) found that actually by espousing the “perovskite” solar cells to environmental conditions after their fabrication the efficiency of the last layer of the cell (responsible for the name of the solar cell) was increased.
This study is very important for the current solar energy market since this type of cells has doubled the efficiency of the traditional crystalline silicon-based cells by 22% and knowing much more about the effectiveness of these new type of cells is very relevant.
The results of the study were that by exposing the outer layer of such type of cells to environmental gasses, focusing on oxygen, nitrogen, and specially to moisture, the electrical properties increased. They found that specially the moisture content is a component that causes the redistribution of the dopant (a component of the hole transport layer) across the material, making it more efficient in energy transfer. and thus the enhancement of the electric properties of the solar cells.   
The elucidation of the aforementioned question may lead to further studies always aimed to the improvement of the solar energy performance.
Please read the complete article for more information.

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