Rice varieties capable to cut pollution and save capital

A professor from the University of Toronto together with a team of Chinese scientists worked in a project that aims to the identification of the more efficient varieties using nitrogen. The head of the project, Professor Herbert Kronzucker and his collaborators found that there is a type of chemicals produced by the roots that affect and influence the metabolism of soil microbes and so the ability of the plants to intake nitrogen in a more efficient way.
The use of such crops would bring some economical and environmental advantages. First of all, the necessary budget to buy nitrogen will be significantly reduced since the losses by leaching account for 50 to 70% and more food can be produced. Secondly, environmental issues related with the contamination of the water bodies could also be lowered.
The varieties need to have some specific features. They had to be currently grown by farmers, have a high yield potential, be disease and pest-resistant, grow to the right size and have strong enough roots to withstand monsoon-force winds. They need to be proven in the field in order to asses the efficiency of such plants in natural conditions.

Please read the complete article for more information.

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