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Artificial leaves as a base for converting carbon dioxide into fuel!

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Scientists from the Argonne National Laboratory at the University of Illinois worked in the creation of what the called an “artificial leaf”. The aim of doing such a thing, is to combat the increasing rate of climate change by diminishing the amount of C02 released to the atmosphere.
They found a way to sequestrate carbon dioxide and produce methanol from it. Of course it is not an easy task and they first needed to convert the CO2 into carbon monoxide; a more reactive compound. Once it is produced, a catalyst (tungsten diselenide) was used to produce the methanol.
The pathway the used to setup the experiment and the ingredients were the same as used by plants (click on the link for more information).
The most important thing I highlight from this research is that the reaction is very efficient, having lower energy costs to recycle carbon dioxide and of course higher rates of conversion. For now, it appears to be a very attractive alternative energy that may decrease the production of CO2 released by the burning of fossil fuels.
Please read the complete article for more information.

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