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Do Eco-wines taste better?

A study from UCLA researchers shows that eco-certified wines taste better. The study was done only using California wines but they expect to get similar results abroad. In fact, they have preliminary results from French wines with similar outcomes. It includes 74,000 blind taste-tests by professional wine reviewers shows that eco-certified wines get higher ratings than regular wines.
From the 74,000 blind taste-tests units, the researches did not include organic wines because of their quickly souring; something that consumers refrain to consume and eventually to pay more for this kind of eco-certified wine.
Surely this kind of research will inspire vintners to work harder and get their eco-certifications, and inspire other wineries to raise such environmental practices.
So drink more eco-wines! It is good for the environment and the best of all it is cheaper than standards.

Please read the complete article or more information.

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