Eisegesis #6

Discussing about oil palm related environmental problems

Some posts ago I came up with an article about the initiative of some scientists from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis of mapping the land suitable for palm oil production on a global scale.

I mentioned that it has positive social impacts because it becomes a source of income for those communities that live on unfortunate conditions and it becomes environmentally friendly since it is a biodegradable product.
However not only good social conditions should be achieved, some environmental standards too. The integrity of the ecosystems and their species should be protected and have over everything else. For many decades there have been environmental impacts due to excessive (in some areas) land use. Just to mention the well known orangutan’s habitat loss and soil erosion owing to the use of monocultures.
That is why studies such as the aforementioned are very important to address those social and environmental issues, and create a win-win situation for all parties.

Remember, being biodegradable does not mean being sustainable.


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