Italy said yes to a law that encourages firms to donate food!

© Shutterstock
Good news came from the land of the most delicious pasta and pizza. They have approved a law on Tuesday that will help Italy recover 1 million tones of food a year for the needy. It has clarified that food should be in good conditions and may be donated even if it is past its sell-by date, or mislabeled and given at no extra cost if it has not been sold taking into account that it does not pose a risk to people health.
It also encourages the use of the so-called “family bags” to take leftovers home from restaurants.
This is perhaps the biggest cultural change. But the first step is taken and throughout the process many changes and/or improvements to the law will enhance that righteous behavior.

Say hooray! for these amazing initiative that would prevent the estimate of about 15 tones/year of food to en up in rubbish bins.

Please read the complete article or more information.

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