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Are corals able to resist a declining pH?

© James W. Fatheree
Scientists from the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR) did a study to better understand the ability of coral species from the genus Porites (growth at volcanic carbon dioxide vents in Papua New Guinea) to regulate the pH and their response to the impacts from the increasing CO2 concentration.

They use the skeletons of such species to highlight conclusions from the physiology of the coral skeleton at the time when calcification happens. What they have discovered by using a laser directed to the skeletons is that the irradiated boron isotopes reflected the ability of the coral species to regulate their internal pH from the environmental pH and be able to construct the calcareous material. They also found that these species have the ability to level their pH for decades and thereby counteract global climate change.
The researches attribute their results to the fact of using not only laboratory tests but also field work, which I think is very important since some hidden things that cannot be seen in the lab could be perceived.

Please read the complete article or more information.



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