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An outstanding example from Nordic countries about energy transition

Nordic countries are well known for being wealthy, small and well developed. These countries have been working on developing new technologies and strategies for the shifting of regular energy production towards a more sustainable and more energy efficient system.

According to the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand about 83% of electricity generation in Nordic countries is low-carbon of which 63% comes entirely from renewable sources. Of course it comes with a price but after the achievement of a carbon neutral scenario the costs will be offset by health benefits.


All these efforts should be paralleled, coordinated and interconnected, so the benefits and results would be higher and faster.

This is must-follow system which all countries on the globe should apply and execute, but unfortunately some “powerful Countries” are not following and the worst of all are forced to deny it, just only because of the nonsense of a ruler.

Anyways we should keep working on the building of a better and sustainable society.

Please read the whole article for more information





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