Eisigesis #7

Nature is something unbelievable, it is so complex but at the same time it is so fragile. Its animals, its plants, even its microorganism are essential parts of the system we live within. We are just part of it and we play an important role as well.

Being able of making rational decisions, we must take action and embrace ourselves towards the development of a more sustainable society. All the green alternatives that have been developed are important and nowadays they seem to be good solutions for environmental sanitation, however, we need more education and better communication channels that can strength and enhance the inclusion of strong moral and environmental principles, so future generations could growth with the thought of a better planet, in which scarcity, poverty, envy and thirst of power will never exist.

Let’s build a better society and make this planet live longer so we or perhaps our children can still enjoy its beauty and all that it has to give you.


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