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Eisegesis #8

Today I learned a lesson from nature. My day was starting, I was drinking the first glass of water of the day and suddenly I felt a strange noise coming from the ceiling. The sound was like the sound emitted by a horde of elephants running from hunters through the dunes in Tanzania.

It was 8 a.m, the birds were singing, the day was calm and sunlight was bright but suddenly a tremor burst into that peacefulness and during some seconds the chaos took over the air and our integrity was compromised.

After those distressing seconds something came into my mind, and it is still going around in my head. Nature is so powerful and we are not prepared to endure those events, it was just a tremor but next time could be an earthquake, anyway, the important fact is that we should learn from this and other environmental events ; which are telling us we should change our attitude and position towards a much more sustainable society.


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