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Eisegesis #9

From UV radiation and other things

The consequences of the ozone layer depletion are increasingly acute. I remember when I was a child; more than 20 years ago, playing at the park without any concern, worrying only about who will bring the ball or if the time to go home had already passed. Nowadays, however, there are also other type of concerns to worry about. For instance, if you want to go out for a quick walk, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun at any cost.

Probably, you are thinking that this situation was not as different as it is now, but it was indeed, or at least at that time the radiation levels and skin cancer cases were not so high.

Living in a country with a diversity of altitudes and latitudes gives the advantage of having diversity of climates and therefore diversity of food. But it also makes us susceptible to dangerous ultraviolet radiation values since the maximum peaks of radiation occurs in mountainous areas and it increases approximately 10% with every 1000 meters of latitude increase (according to the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies [Ideam]).

It is our responsibility to take prompt actions to reduce this and other negative effects caused by the emission of compounds such as CFCs.

Be more green and more sustainable


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