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Eisegesis #10

Every time I look around, I cannot believe how I am so blessed of having the opportunity to see such beauty that Mother Nature has put to the service of a variable species that need to coexist in perfect harmony and help each other in order to have a sustainable system.

Earth and what is within it have been through many changes. Some of them have occurred fast while other have last for long time. Those changes are part of what I called self regeneration and are important for the maintenance of the balance between systems and species.

All species on earth are important and exist for a reason. The fact that we, human beings, are the most advanced species does not mean that other species depend completely on us (they have indeed survived without us for a considerable amount of time) and that we have the right of using and abusing natural resources as is happening nowadays.

Some of those changes caused by natural cycles have been now intensified by anthropogenic activities to the level that they have caused great impact and are practically irreversible. Fortunately a bunch of people are working in creating feasible and green ways of fighting all the secondary effects coming from unhealthy and unsustainable activities. These initiatives include the remediation of air, soil and water; important elements that contribute to the good development and consolidation of the species ecology, and are the main core for the start of a new era in which environmentally friendly actions are the priority.


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